RAAF Centenary Air Armada

Organisation Site

This is the information site for pilots planning to participate in the RAAF Centenary 100 Aeroplanes "Air Armada" over Melbourne on Sunday 28 March 2021, to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Australian Air Force.

While we won't have 100 aeroplanes on the day, we will have close to 40 or 50, which in the circumstances is a very impressive turnout! Thanks to all involved!

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The Idea

The basic idea was to fly 100 aeroplanes over Point Cook, home of the RAAF, the Shrine of Remembrance, and over Melbourne. Technically, this will wasn't one formation. The event is best described as a Balbo, or an Air Armada. This means there were multiple smaller formations working together to fly a large number of aircraft over Melbourne in the same timeframe.